Introduction to Rolling Stock

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Introduction to Rolling Stock


The purpose of the Rolling Stock program is to record all of the information about your vehicles and present it to you in an easy to read form.  You may view the detailed information on the screen or print out various reports, covering selected time periods.  You may also print out summary reports which show only the totals for the various categories of information.  The categories of information kept for a vehicle are fuel purchases and consumption, maintenance items, repairs, and accessories.  The program also records other information on the vehicle such as VIN number, purchase information, insurance and licensing.


The program also lets you record the details of your trips.  The categories of information for a trip are meals, lodging, stops, and other miscellaneous items.  These are recorded by date and, optionally, time.


There is also a table of vendors for keeping the addresses and telephone numbers of the vendors you deal with.  These can include the dealer or individual you purchased your vehicle from, the insurance agencies and companies, and any other vendors you would like to keep track of.  These are not the vendors entered in the detail transaction tables.


The easiest way to see what the program can do is to start entering data.  You can records information for a unlimited number of vehicles and trips, so just start entering.  After you have seen the basic things that the program can do, you can explore the more advanced features of the program.  These include customized reports, cut, copy and paste of detail transactions, and more.




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