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Buy Now via Secure Payment (PayFast)


You have two options to purchase a New or Upgrade license:

1) Click on the Buy Now button buynowbutton in your Rolling Stock program which will take you to the screen where you can select how to do

your payment.

 a) Click on one of the Buy Now buttons that will take you directly to the Secure PayFast website


 b) Click on the "Buy Via the Rolling Stock Website" button that will first take you to the Rolling Stock website where you can then click

 on the "Buy Now" button





2) Go directly to the Rolling Stock Website (

Once you are on the Rolling Stock website click on the Buy Now button.



You will then be taken to the web page where you can select either to purchase a New or Upgrade license.





Select either the New or Upgrade payment option and click on the Buy Now button.


You will now be directed to the Secure PayFast Payment Server/Site.

Follow the instructions on the PayFast site and select you payment method.

When you have finished your payment you will receive an e-mail that will confirm your payment.

You can now proceed to Register your Rolling Stock program.
Put in your E-Mail Address (This must be the e-mail address you will use when you register your Rolling Stock Program).


Select your payment method.








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