Global Settings

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Global Settings

The Global Settings menu item lets you change the program global options.


You set the number of days between backup reminders and whether to show pending reminders at program start up.  Setting the days between backup reminders to zero will suppress the reminder.


Selecting the fuel units will also change the distance units as follows:

Gallons or Imperial Gallons will use Miles as the distance unit.

Liters will use Kilometers as the distance unit.

This is a Global Setting.  It will affect all fuel quantities and distances in all windows.  You can change this at any time, without loss of data.  The current units will display in the status bar at the bottom of the window frame.  Do not change the units while you are entering or changing a transaction.  Finish the transaction, then change the units.



You can set the windows that must automatically open when the program starts by ticking it onl



When you use the Document Management system you have two choices of where to store your files/documents
Store Documents Under Rolling Stock Folder.
If this option is ticked your documents will be store in C:\Rolling_Stock\Data\Docs\... folder.
Please note that these files will be included in your backup so if there as lots of documents/files stored your backup
file will get large very quickly.


Un-Ticked Store Documents Under Rolling Stock Folder.
You must select your own folder to store your Document Management files/documents and they will not be included
in your backup so the size of your backup file will not be affected and would not include your files/documents.
Make sure you don't select the C:\Rolling_Stock folder.




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